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The founding of the Givenchy perfume line is associated with the union of Hepburn and Givenchy. L'Interdit was a fragrance created by Givenchy in 1957 and was meant for Hepburn's personal use; however, it proved to be very popular, and Hepburn insisted that it be made available to all. Givenchy's relationships between cinema stars and fashion have transcended time, with Very Irresistible and Liv Tyler being a recent example. Givenchy perfumes for women were his focus at the beginning of his foray into fragrance; however, the designer did not exclude men. In fact, though Givenchy found his inspiration with a woman, he was still nevertheless able to create some of the most popular colognes for men. Over the years, the face of Givenchy fragrances has changed, but the brand has remained classic with perfumes such as Amarige and Xeryus and colognes for men such as Pi and Play Intense.

Today, Givenchy cologne and Givenchy perfume continue to be popular fragrance choices for many. The brand's popularity is reflected by the number of perfumes and colognes offered by Givenchy. Men who are interested in Givenchy cologne will conveniently find all of the brand's products for men on this page under the heading “Men's Givenchy.”

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